HEPiX Fall 2005 at SLAC

This meeting of HEPiX will be hosted by Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in Menlo Park California, USA from Monday, October 10 to Friday, October 14, 2005. HEPiX is a global organization of service managers and support staff providing computing facilities for the High Energy Physics community.

All operating systems used by HEP are covered, including UNIX, Windows and other operating environments. The meeting allows participants to present recent work and future plans and to share experiences with other attendees.

Target Audience
Service providers, managers, administrators, support personnel and, to a lesser extent users, of worldwide High Energy Physics (HEP) computing facilities, including HEP Grids. The main thrust of the meeting will be focused on HEP computing but others associated with the HEP community are also welcome.

Important Dates to Remember