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SLAC Auditorium, Stanford University
July 31, 1998

On the occasion of Sid Drell's retirement as Professor and Deputy Director at SLAC, this one-day symposium reviewed topics in high energy physics and public policy to which he has made important contributions.

The symposium was held in the SLAC Auditorium. A variety of speakers discussed inelastic electron scattering and other topics in quantum field theory, and nuclear arms control and other issues in which science influences public policy. The speakers included Richard Garwin, Robert Jaffe, T. D. Lee, Chris Llewellyn Smith, Theodore Postol, Joan Rohlfing, and Tung-Mow Yan. The meeting was followed by a celebratory dinner, for which the after-dinner speaker was James Bjorken.

Highlights of the talks and selected photos from the event are available on line. There is web access to the presentations. The Proceedings will be published on the web at a later date and will be available from this site. The event was videotaped. The tapes are available for loan from the SLAC Library.


9:00 am Introduction: Sid Drell at Stanford (C. Rice, Stanford)
9:15 am Sid Drell and Quantum Field Theory (M. Peskin, SLAC)
9:30 am Four Eras of Electron-Proton Scattering (R. Jaffe, MIT)
10:10 am BREAK
10:40 am Inelastic Scattering Sum Rules (C.H. Llewellyn Smith, CERN)
11:20 am 'Naive Drell-Yan' and its Sucessors (T.-M. Yan, Cornell)
12:00 pm Locality and Beyond (T.D. Lee, Columbia)
12:40 pm LUNCH (A reasonably priced lunch will be available at the SLAC Cafeteria)
2:00 am Introduction: Sid Drell and Defense Policy (W.K.H. Panofsky, SLAC)
2:20 pm Nonproliferation (J. Rohlfing, DOE)
3:05 pm Weakness in the Russian Early Warning System (T. Postol, MIT)
3:50 pm BREAK
4:20 pm From PSAC to 'Stockpile Stewardship' (R. Garwin, IBM)
5:05 pm Sid Drell and the DOE (M. Krebs, DOE)
5:20 pm Concluding Remarks (B. Richter, SLAC)
6:30 pm Reception and Dinner
After Dinner
James Bjorken

The SLAC Summer Institute was held 3-14 August. The SLAC Summer Institute web site has information on housing and local transportation. For additional travel assistance, please see the SLAC Users' Organization page under the User Information heading.

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Michael Peskin, Chairman
Stan Brodsky
Lance Dixon
Nancy Hendry
W.K.H. Panofsky
Helen Quinn
Nina Stolar

Revised: 14 September 1998

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