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Channel Watcher: Software Distribution

This is the SLAC ESD page to get the Channel Watcher software. The Channel Watcher replaces the save part of EPICS save/restore (bumpless reboot) with a channel access client task. For a full description of the purpose, features, and usage of the Channel Watcher look here. The current version of Channel Watcher writes restore files which may have a different format than the one at your site. You may first wish to inspect the restore software provided in the table below. Please direct questions to Mike Zelazny.

Links to past EPICS meeting presentations:
Channel Watcher, Nov 2002 (ppt)
Channel Watcher and ALH, May 2002 (pdf), (ppt)
Channel Watcher, Nov 2001 (pdf), (ppt)

Tim Mooney's autoSaveRestore distribution

Where to find it

You can download the software via ftp from SLAC from the link below:

Module Version Release Date EPICS Release Channel Watcher Filename IOC Restore Filename
V2.02 February 6, 2003 R3.13.x ChannelWatcher.tar.gz restore.tar.gz

Tested Platforms

Site Installation and Building


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