Mac OS X Printing with LPD

  1. From the "System Preferences", click on "Print & Fax"

    MacOS System Preferences

  2. Click on "+" sign to add a new printer

    MacOS Add Printer

  3. Use "IP Printer" and select or type the following:
    Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD
    Queue: Your network queue name from SLAC printserv.
    Do not use with ***
    (i.e., "ki1bw" without
    Name: You can name anything you want for your preference
    Location: Physical location of printer for you to remember.
    (Highly recommended to put something in there)
    Print Using: Select your network printer/printer driver from the list.
    If it does not show in the list, you must download the driver from manufacture.

    MacOS IP Printer

  4. Select printer preferences such as duplex, memory, hard drive storage on printer
    After that, click on "Continue" and you are done.

    MacOS Printer Browser

Thanks to Ken Zhou for sending me these instructions and pictures.

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June 27, 2007, Alf Wachsmann. Last modified: 06-27-2007