[SLAC] Using Minuit on SLAC's Unix Cluster

2009 August 3

Update: Newer versions of Minuit (C++ versions) are installed as part of CERN's ROOT package, in:


[Here is some information on using the old FORTRAN version of Minuit.]

6 May 2003

To use the CERN fitting package Minuit on the unix cluster at SLAC, the user must supply the following items:

  1. A main program (example: myprog.f) to assign I/O unit numbers to file names and to invoke the main Minuit subprogram
  2. A file (myfcn.f) containing the FCN function to be minimized
  3. A file containing the function (func.f) to be fit
  4. A GNUmakefile to link and build the executable (in this example, myprog)
  5. A file (myprog.mincards) containing a set of Minuit control cards.
To get started, copy the examples to a subdirectory in your space and type gmake. The program myprog will be created. When you run myprog, it will create the file myprog.results.

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John Bartelt