PingER Deployment

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PingER has been deployed for several major communities:
  1. The High Energy and Nuclear Physics (HENP).
  2. ESnet community.
  3. For people interested in quantifying Internet access for the Digital Divide
  4. The Cross Industry Working Team (XIWT)

HENP, ESnet and the Digital Divide

In January 2005, in this community there were about 30 active monitoring sites in 14 countries, over 726 remote sites in 123 countries, ~ 3700 monitor-remote-site pairs, and about 54 Beacon sites. The 106 countries between them have over 78% of the world's population and over 90% of the online users of the Internet (see Nua Internet Surveys). PingER is thought to be the most extensive end-to-end Internet performance monitoring project in existence.
See the world map from PingER's point-of-view.
Maps of the deployment by state & province for U.S. and Canada are shown below.
PingER deployment in Canada Pinger deployment in US
There is also a map of the Beacon sites. The deployment of remote sites by geographic area and top-level-domain (TLD) is shown below:
PingER deployment by area and TLD


The XIWT/IPERF group has 10 monitoring sites (Bellsouth, CNRI, Digital/Compaq (2), DirecPC, HP, Intel, MIST, SLAC & Westgroup). They mainly do full mesh pinging and have about 150 monitor-remote site pairs. The community of interest is more commercial (70% .com, 20% .org, 10% .edu) than the HENP/ESnet effort. Tbe depoyment of the XIWT monitoring sites is seen in the map below:
XIWT monitor deployment (13829 bytes) Back to top

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