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Last update: 20 Sep 96


IR Engineering and Physics Meeting (Agenda)
Friday's, 1:00 - 3:00 pm

I.R. People

Drawings and Layouts

IR Drawings, Layouts, and Pictures: Good source for latest pictures and un-released drawings of I.R. components and layout
PEP-II Drawing Database Search: Search-able database of all released PEP-II drawings, with link to SLAC-wide document database
Silicon Vertex Tracker (SVT) Drawings and Layouts: Repository for BaBar SVT pictures and drawings (at LBL)

Technical Information

IR Information: IR Notes and Spec's, Axes definitions, tabulated raw data
PEP-II Publications: Search-able database of all PEP-II publications
PEP-II Parameters Database: Showing parameters for all PEP-II sub-systems
General Engineering Info: Useful information relating to mechanical engineering at SLAC


IR Engineering and Physics Meeting: List of minutes and topics by meeting.
BaBar Integration Meeting: ftp directory list of minute archives
IR +/- 1m Task Force Minutes Archive

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