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 Administration, Document Control, Purchasing
Search the database by person's name, generate Mailing Labels. Search for Institutions.
Search for all PEP-II/BABAR people which are associated with one or more BFMAIL Meeting Names.
BFMAIL Archive Search
Search the BFMAIL e-mail archive for past entries.
Search the PEP-II/BABAR Publications database.
Search the PEP-II Drawings database.
SLAC Business Information System (BIS)
Search the new Purchase Requisitions database, Cost Reports, etc.
PEPII/BABAR Purchase Requisitions
Search the PEPII/BABAR Purchase Requisitions database (dated before Nov. 1997)
Search the SPIRES ELDREQ database for SLAC on-line Purchase Requisitions (dated before Nov. 1997)


BABAR Detector Related Databases

BABAR Objectivity Databases

BABAR® Hardware Inventory and Problem Tracking Database


PEP-II Accelerator Technical Systems and Related SLAC Databases

PEP-II Controls

PEP-II Components List

Search for PEP-II Formal Device Names (Primary/Micro/Unit, etc.)
PEP-II Region Drawings
View diagrams of devices in PEP-II Regions (Requires PDF viewer)
PEP-II Inventory
Search for HER inventory, buildlists, etc.
HER Dipole Magnet Measurements
HER dipole magnet measurements during refurbishment.
Magnet Measurements Plots
Make plots of magnet measurements.
Vacuum Chamber Construction
Construction steps and measurements.
RF Window Construction
Construction steps and measurements
Search the Cables Database
Search the CATER Database (Accelerator Hardware/Software Maintenance), Other Accelerator Maintenance pages (ROD List, etc.)
Search the DEPOT Database (Controls equipment tracking database in SPIRES)

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