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Workbook for BaBar Offline Users

Elephant Welcome to the BaBar Offline Workbook!

This Workbook is intended to introduce members of the BaBar collaboration to the world of BaBar offline analysis. The information is presented in the form of a workbook, a connected series of exercises. Imagine the world of BaBar offline software as a workshop full of tools. This Workbook has the user pick up each tool in turn, do something simple and useful with that tool, and then put that tool down and move on to the next.

The average new user should require about two weeks to complete this course. You will need access to a unix computer running BaBar software, and to the internet to view the Workbook pages.

To begin, please read the Introduction to find out how to use the Workbook.

Good luck and happy workbooking!

Workbook Contents

Workbook core
Other Stuff
(to be updated soon)

  1. Introduction
  2. Account Setup
  3. QuickTour
  4. Packages and releases
  5. Modules and the Framework
  6. Event Information
  7. Tcl: Run-time job control
  8. Editing module code
  9. Compile and Link
  10. Run the job
  11. Debugging
  12. Run-time parameters
  13. Tcl files
  14. Find Data
  15. Batch Processing
  16. Analysis Tools
  17. ROOT I

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Workbook News

The Workbook core has now (April 2007) been updated to analysis-41, except for the debugging section.
(I can't get the dbx example to work.)
The remaining workbook examples still use analysis-31.
I will try to update them ASAP.

Where did the old Workbook pages go? - A guide for users of the old Workbook.

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