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Where did the old Workbook pages go?

In May 2006, the Workbook underwent a major update.

To help users of the old Workbook find the same information in the new Workbook, here is a list of pages in the old Workbook. Underneath each page is a list of the section(s) to which the old page's information was moved.

Old Workbook Page New Workbook Page(s)
Introduction Introduction
Running on non-SLAC hosts Account Setup
HOWTOs Info Resources
Logging in Account Setup
Quicktour Quicktour
The BaBar Detector The BaBar Detector
Information Resources Information Resources
Unix for BaBar Unix for BaBar
Object Oriented Software Removed
SRT: the Software Release Tools Packages and Releases
Objectivity Removed
Info about conditions database moved to Event Information.
Event Store Event Information
Nano/micro information tables are now on the main page.
Introduction to CM2 Removed
Frameworks: the environment for running Modules and the Framework
Tcl: Run-time job control
Beta: The analysis package Event Information
Run the Job
Editing Code Introduction to C++
Editing module code
Compile, Link and Run Compile and Link
Run the Job
Debugging Debugging
Framework Continued Run-time parameters
Tcl: Run-time job control
Analysis Analysis
Finding Data Finding Data
Batch Processing Batch Processing
Working with New Releases Packages and Releases
Some info temporarily removed for editing.
workdir Run the job
Event Display Analysis Tools
Generation, Simulation, Reconstruction Simulation and Reconstruction
SRT and CVS background for Sofware Contributors Temporarily removed for editing
Writing code Removed
CM2 ntuples tutorial CM2 ntuples tutorial
New Packages: Making a new package based on BetaMiniUser Temporarily removed for editing.
New Packages: Getting your package into CVS Temporarily removed for editing
Writing Classes for Persistent Objects Removed
Java in BaBar Removed (was empty anyway).
Installing BaBar software. Temporarily removed for editing.

  New pages and features    

===> What do you think of the new Workbook? Do you like it better or worse than the other one? Do you hate me for changing it? Let me know!

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