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Workbook Authors

A big THANK YOU to all who contributed to the Workbook!

Primary authors

smile    Joseph Perl (project lead)
smile    Tracey Marsh
smile    Jenny Williams

Other authors and contributors

Daniel Azzopardi
John Back
John Bartelt
Mehdi Benkebil
Dominique Boutigny
Ulrik Egede
Pete Elmer
Neil Geddes
Tom Glanzman
Paul Harrison
Chris Hearty
Terry Hung
Emmanuel Olaiya
Tom Pavel
Simon Patton
Teela Pulliam
Bob Jacobsen
Doug Johnson
Yury Kolomensky
Bill Lockman
Massimo Marino
Paolo Palazzi
Teela Pulliam
David Quarrie
Shahram Rahatlou
Paul Raines
Chris Roat
Leon Rochester
Asoke De Silva
Abi Soffer
Walter Toki
Massimiliano Turri
Marc Turcotte
James Weatherall
Achim Weidemann
Bob Wilson
Charlie Young

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