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Group Disk Backup

AFS backups are only automatically "mounted" for home-directory volumes. This means that backups for group disks must be manually mounted.

As a concrete example, your authors, in the course of releasing a new version, and trying to make space for it on the very full BaBar Web volume, accidentally deleted some files from the workbook.

After the dust had settled, we noticed that we had ended up with an old version of the section on the nano- and micro-dst, with v8.6 missing. (None of these sections exist anymore - they have been renamed.)

   > cd $BFROOT/www/doc/workbook/eventstore
   eventstore> ls
   index.html    v8.1/         v8.3/         v8.5/
   index.html~   v8.2/         v8.4/
To retrieve it, we need to mount the appropriate backup. First, lets find out the name of the volume containing this directory:
   eventstore> fs listquota
   Volume Name                   Quota      Used %Used   Partition
   g.babar.www                  500000    497960  100%<<       31%    <<WARNING
(I wasn't kidding about the volume being full!) To get the backup name, we append .backup to the volume name. Now we mount it:
   eventstore> cd
   > fs mkmount www_backup g.babar.www.backup
The name of the mounted file, www_backup, is arbitrary. The file must be mounted in a directory for which we have insert and administer privileges, in this case, my home directory.
   > ls www_backup
   Babar_search.html       README                  newBabar_search.html
   Babar_search.html~      attic/                  newBabar_search.html~
   Computing/              deleted/                newindex.html~
   Detector/               doc/                    old-www/
   Images/                     search2.html
   Organization/           index24.html~           search2.html~
   Physics/                internal/               video/
   > ls www_backup/doc/workbook/eventstore/
   index.html    v8.1/         v8.3/         v8.5/
   index.html~   v8.2/         v8.4/         v8.6/
Aha! Now we can copy the files we need, in this case index.html and the directory v8.6, back to the workbook, and all is well again.

After the files have been recovered, it's a good idea to dismount the backup:

   > fs rmmount -dir www_backup
   > ls www_backup
   www_backup: No such file or directory
We're all done!
Jenny Williams

Last modification: 10 Mar 2001
Last significant update: ?1999