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A Summary of Quicktour commands

The following is a summary of the commands used in the Quicktour, with a minimum of explanation. A few commands are in a different order than in the Quicktour, but the result is exactly the same.

Commands needed to set up and run the job

Go to your home directory:
> cd
Create a test release:
> newrel -s $BFROOT/build/<first_letter>/<username> -t analysis-41 ana41
Change into the test release directory:
> cd ana41
Do srtpath and cond22boot:
ana41> srtpath <enter> <enter>
ana41> cond22boot
Addpkg workdir and BetaMiniUser:
ana41> addpkg workdir
ana41> addpkg BetaMiniUser
Check the Extra Tags page, and add the tag(s) listed under "core bug fixes". For analysis-41, there are no "core bug fixes," so we skip this step. Set up workdir:
ana41> gmake workdir.setup

Find your FDID numbers:

ana41> GetFDID
Create your .bbobjy file:
ana41> echo "FD_NUMBER = ****" > .bbobjy
where **** is one of the 4-digit FDID numbers assigned to you.

"Edit" some BetaMiniUser code:

ana41>  cp $BFROOT/www/doc/workbook/examples/ex0/* BetaMiniUser/ 
ana41>  mv BetaMiniUser/snippet.tcl workdir/
Compile and link your code:
ana41> bsub -q bldrecoq -o all.log gmake all
Go to workdir:
ana41> cd workdir
Start the job:
workdir> BetaMiniApp snippet.tcl
Talk to an input module:
> mod talk KanEventInput
Add a collection to the input list:
KanEventInput> input add /store/SP/R18/001237/200309/18.6.0b/SP_001237_013238
Exit KanEventInput:
KanEventInput> exit
Start the job, and run 3 events:
> ev beg -nev 3
Run 37 more events, for a total of 40:
> ev cont -nev 37
Exit the framework:
> exit 

Other commands used in the Quicktour

Use BbkDatasetTcl to make a tcl file

Produce a tcl file in workdir:
workdir> BbkDatasetTcl -ds SP-1237-Run4

ROOT commands

Start a ROOT session from workdir:
workdir> bbrroot
Open the file myHistogram.root:
root[0] TFile f("myHistogram.root");
View the contents of myHistogram.root:
View the QExample histogram:
root[2] h1d3->Draw();
Exit ROOT:
root[3] .q

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