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Special for RAL

Special instructions for users running at RAL.

Obtaining a RAL account

Babar members can find out how to get a RAL account from reading this web page

Work as at SLAC

The general setup at RAL is made to be a close as possible to the setup at SLAC.

Working over the Network Connection

The network connection between UK and SLAC is generally quite good. Most people already know this but for new users a few hints on how to work over the network connection between SLAC and the UK might be helpful.



There is no fixed policy for when BaBar s/w releases are copied to RAL. Loosely it is something like: Releases are deleted when we run out of disk space and always after a warning to the RAL Tier A centre and UK farms mailing list. The releases which reach the current status at SLAC are kept for as long as possible.


At RAL there is a mirror of the SLAC CVS repository which is updated each night.

Running at both SLAC and RAL

If you develop code at RAL and need to run it both at RAL and at SLAC it can be very convenient to share the checked out source you edit between the two sites. To do this:
       cd /afs/<mytestreldir>
       ln -s /afs/<mytestreldir>/[A-Z]* .
You will get a warning about GNUmakefile which you can just ignore. The source you edit is now kept updated at both SLAC and RAL since it is located in the same directory but when linking and compiling only the small source files are copied across the network.

Batch Queues

Jobs can be submitted to the Linux farm which consists of 310 1.4 GHz PIII machines. Jobs access these machines via the babar queue and their priority is partially determined by the amount of CPU requested. More information on the job priority can be found here:

Submission to the babar queues is default when using the bbrbsub command as follows:

bbrbsub -l cput=hh:mm:ss file.job


Support is available for running the BaBar software at RAL:

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