Lists of Composite Particles

The following run-time lists are produced in any analysis job that includes BetaMiniSequence and BetaMiniPhysicsSequence on its path. (This is true for most analysis jobs.)

See below for more information about the lists.

Composite Particle Lists

About the lists

Most of the lists are produced by the SimpleComposition package. Therefore, this documentation mostly follows the syntax of the SimpleComposition package.

Most of the charts have three columns:

There are also merged lists, produced by merging two or more already-made lists, without added selection. Depending on the context, I have either placed both of these lists in the "input lists" column, or in a separate two-column table for merged lists.

For cuts, the following syntax is used:

Variable  Max:Min
For example:
X  acut:      means X > acut
Y  :bcut      means Y < bcut
Z  ccut:dcut  means ccut < Z < dcut
For fits, the syntax is:
Fit: Method (Constraint)
For example:
Fit: Add4 (Mass)   
means that the fit uses Add4 algorithm with Mass constraint.

For the meanings of the variables and fit types, see the SimpleComposition webpage.

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