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Step 6: Add your module to the path                                     Go to Step 7

Exactly where the module should be added depends on the package. In general, you should find a module similar to yours, and add your module in the same way. Here are two examples for the packages from Step 5: BetaMiniUser and NonCharm3BodyUser.

BetaMiniUser Example

Again use the MyMiniAnalysis module as a guide. First, look for the tcl file where MyMiniAnalysis is appended:

BetaMiniUser> grep MyMiniAnalysis * | grep append

MyMiniAnalysis.tcl:path append Everything MyMiniAnalysis
Then edit MyMiniAnalysis.tcl and append your module in the same way:
path append Everything MyMiniAnalysis
path append Everything MyNeuAnalysis

NonCharm3BodyUser Example

Again use the TauPi0Maker module as a guide. First, look for the tcl file where TauPi0Maker is appended:

NonCharm3BodyUser> grep TauPi0Maker * | grep append

cm2template.tcl:sequence append NonCharm3BodyUser TauPi0Maker
Then edit cm2template.tcl and append your module in the same way:
sequence append NonCharm3BodyUser TauPi0Maker
sequence append NonCharm3BodyUser MyNeuAnalysis

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