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Step 5: Add your module to the Framework                   Go to Step 6

For BetaMiniUser ONLY: Modify

In, copy the syntax for one of BetaMiniUser's modules (here I use MyMiniAnalysis):

#include "BetaMiniUser/MyMiniAnalysis.hh"
#include "BetaMiniUser/MyNeuAnalysis.hh"

  void AppUserBuildBase(AppUserBuild* theBuild, AppFramework* theFramework)


  //Analysis modules
  theBuild->add(new MyMiniAnalysis("MyMiniAnalysis", "MyMiniAnalysis"));
  theBuild->add(new MyNeuAnalysis("MyNeuAnalysis", "MyNeuAnalysis"));



For most other packages: Modify

(In this example, package = NonCharm3BodyUser.)

In, copy the syntax for one of NonCharm3BodyUser's modules (here I use TauPi0Maker):

#include "NonCharm3BodyUser/TauPi0Maker.hh"
#include "NonCharm3BodyUser/MyNeuAnalysis.hh"

AppUserBuild::AppUserBuild( AppFramework* theFramework )
    : AppBuild( theFramework )


  add( new TauPi0Maker( "TauPi0Maker", "TauPi0Maker" ) );
  add( new MyNeuAnalysis( "MyNeuAnalysis", "MyNeuAnalysis" ) );



// Destructor --

AppUserBuild::~AppUserBuild( )

                                                                                          Go to Step 6