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Step 4: Fill histograms and ntuple                               Go to Step 5

Header file: MyNeuAnalysis.hh


#include "Framework/AppModule.hh"
#include "AbsEvent/AbsEvent.hh"
#include "HepTuple/Histogram.h"
#include "HepTuple/Tuple.h"

class MyNeuAnalysis : public AppModule {


  // Constructors
  MyNeuAnalysis( const char* const theName, const char* const theDescription );
  // Destructor
  virtual ~MyNeuAnalysis( );

  // Operations

  virtual AppResult  beginJob( AbsEvent* anEvent );
  virtual AppResult  event( AbsEvent* anEvent );
  virtual AppResult  endJob  ( AbsEvent* anEvent );



HepHistogram *_hpneu;
HepHistogram *_hthetaneu;

HepTuple *_ntuple;



Implementation file:

#include "AbsEnv/AbsEnv.hh"
#include "GenEnv/GenEnv.hh"
#include "BaBar/BaBar.hh"
#include "BetaMiniUser/MyNeuAnalysis.hh"
#include "HepTuple/TupleManager.h"
#include "Beta/BtaCandidate.hh"
#include "CLHEP/Alist/AList.h"
#include "ProxyDict/Ifd.hh"
#include "CLHEP/Alist/AIterator.h"

// Constructors

MyNeuAnalysis::MyNeuAnalysis( const char* const theName,
                  const char* const theDescription )
  : AppModule( theName, theDescription )

// Destructor
MyNeuAnalysis::~MyNeuAnalysis( )

// Operations

AppResult MyNeuAnalysis::beginJob( AbsEvent* anEvent )

  HepTupleManager* manager = gblEnv->getGen()->ntupleManager();

  // book the histograms
  _hpneu = manager->histogram("Cluster momentum",  25, 0., 1.0 );
  _hthetaneu = manager->histogram("Cluster polar angle", 25, 0., 1.571);

  _ntuple = manager->ntuple("MyNtuple");

  return AppResult::OK;

AppResult MyNeuAnalysis::endJob( AbsEvent* anEvent )
  return AppResult::OK;

AppResult MyNeuAnalysis::event( AbsEvent* anEvent )

  // get list of neutral particle candidates
  HepAList<BtaCandidate>* neuList  =
      Ifd<HepAList< BtaCandidate > >::get(anEvent, "CalorNeutral");

  // loop over the neutral list
  HepAListIterator<BtaCandidate> iterNeu(*neuList);
  BtaCandidate* neu(0);
  int nneu(0);
  double eneumax(0.0);
  while ( neu = iterNeu() ) {

    // Get momemtum, theta, and energy
    double pneu = neu->p();
    double thetaneu = neu->p4().theta();
    double eneu = neu->energy();

    // Fill histograms of momentum and theta

    // count the neutrals

    // get energy of the highest-energy neutral in the event
    if (eneu > eneumax) eneumax = eneu;

   // Fill the ntuple with number of neutrals and maximum neutral energy
   _ntuple->column("nneu", nneu, -99);
   _ntuple->column("eneumax", eneumax, -99.0);

   // Dump the ntuple (otherwise it won't be produced!)

  return AppResult::OK;

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