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BABAR Student Theses
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Note: Student theses are not reviewed by the Collaboration and are not official publications

Author Institution Title Date Document
Johann Cohen-Tanugi LPNHE-X and Paris-VII "Measurement of sin2beta violation of CP in charmonium K decays, contribution of the mode J/psi K*0 (K0S pi0)" (in French) Apr 2001 [ps.gz]
Sophie Trincaz LAL (Orsay) "Study of the PEP-II machine background with a mini-TPC. Study of the doubly-charmed B meson decay with the BaBar Detector." (in French) Jan 2001 [ps.gz]
James Weatherall Manchester "A measurement of the B0-->J/psi-K*0 branching ratio and calorimeter studies using the BABAR detector" Feb 2000 [ps.gz]

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