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BABAR Approved Plots
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Important Note:

Speakers from outside BABAR are urged to use the plots and information below with caution. You can find a repository of submitted journal articles on the BABAR Journal Publications page. You can also find links to recent BABAR talks containing this material on the BABAR Speaker Talks & Writeups page. These talks will provide you with the background information for the figures made available below. Furthermore, you can contact the Chair of the BABAR Publications Board or the BABAR Spokesperson to obtain background information or updates.


List of Available BABAR Plots

Date Subject Plot(s)
Feb 19, 2001 Graphical displays of existing mixing and sin2beta measurements Mixing and sin2beta plots
Feb 19, 2001 Graphical display of sin2beta in subsamples Per tagging category; per decay mode
Feb 19, 2001 Support plots for sin2beta measurement Output from neural net tagger and efficiency versus mistag rates for tagging categories
Oct 31, 2000 Event display for tagged J/psiK0S event Cross-sectional and longitundinal views; blowup of vertex region
Jul 25, 2000 All Osaka Conference Results Available All figures and results in the Osaka conference papers are here
Jun 18, 2000 Candidate event for B0-->J/psiK0s powerpoint file containing all 6 views; cross-sectional views [gif1][gif2][gif3][gif4][gif5] and longitudinal view [gif6]
Dec 1, 1999 Event display for muon tagged event with B --> J/psi K+ event display


PEP II Drawings and Resources

  • Selected Drawings
  • Selected Photographs
  • Luminosity performance (01-Nov-00) [pdf][ppt]
  • Ring parameter performance (01-Nov-00) [pdf][ppt]
  • Best 24 hour period for PEP-II (27-Jun-00) [eps][ppt]

BABAR Drawings and Resources


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