Mini Workshop on
RooFit at Babar

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Last Updated Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Workshop goals:
The primary goal of the workshop is to review the RooFit usage at the BaBar experiment.

Location:  Kavli Auditorium
Call-in number:  510-665-5437 (Meeting ID: 4936)

 Introduction to the Workshop 
 Alfio Lazzaro
14:10-14:30  RooFit Development and future plan (ppt)  Wouter Verkerke
14:30-14:50  RooFit Status in BaBar (pdf)  Alfio Lazzaro
14:50-15:05  Conditional Observables in fits and projections (ppt) (pdf)  Joe Tuggle
15:05-15:20  Integration and Convolution in RooFit (pdf)  Jake Anderson
15:20-15:35  Advanced Fitting tools: RooRarFit (pdf)  Lei Zhang
15:35-15:50  Dalitz Plot Fitting with RooFit (pdf)  Joshua Thompson
15:50-16:05  Towards a Simpler Interaction with RooFit (pdf)  David Kirkby
16:05-16:20  Parallel Fit implementation (pdf)  Brian Meadows
16:20-  Discussion (pdf)  All


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