Lattice QCD Workshop


Saturday, September 16, 2006


With the continuing accumulation of data at the B Factories, many critical analyses are becoming limited by theoretical uncertainties. At the same time, lattice QCD is making significant progress in calculating key hadronic parameters that will be needed to push the measurement errors down even further. The intent of this workshop is to have an informal meeting focusing on current physics issues in this area. Now is an ideal time to meet with our lattice friends and increase the positive feedback between theory and experiment.

This workshop will focus on the following topics: form factors in semileptonic B and D-meson decays, leptonic decays, radiative decays, spectroscopy/hybrid models, and UT fits.

Talks will be posted to the BABAR internal web. While theoretical talks will be publicly available, the experimental talks (if they contain not-yet preliminary results) will be restricted to BABAR members only.


The workshop is scheduled for September 16, 2006 (after the BABAR Collaboration Meeting) and will start at 9 AM and end around 7 PM the same day.

There will be a number of short overview talks on the relevant experimental and theoretical topics with adequate time for discussion.

Here you can find the tentative AGENDA.


There will be a registration fee of $7 to be paid by cash
at the workshop to cover lunch and breaks.

Other Information:

September 16, 2006 (9 AM to ~ 7 PM)
SLAC, Redwood Rooms, ROB (bldg. 48)
BABAR Contacts:
Jochen Dingfelder, Antimo Palano, Achille Stocchi
Theory Contacts:
Thomas Blum, Paul Mackenzie, Junko Shigemitsu
SLAC Guest House or Hotels near SLAC
We will provide lunch and refreshments during the breaks.
A no-host dinner will be arranged for Saturday evening.
Instructions for speakers can be found here
Conference Call:
Call-in No.: 1-510-665-5437; Meeting ID: (9 a.m. - 1 p.m.) 1104; (2 p.m. - 7 p.m.) 1105

A "list of questions" relevant to the topics discussed in this workshop can be found here.

A "list of reference material" relevant to this workshop for preparatory reading can be found here.

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