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Heavy Quark Phenomenology Seminar Schedule 
Spring, 2000

This is a tentative schedule of talks to be given primarily by and for graduate students working on the BaBar experiment. Video connections to the University of Cincinnati, the University of Texas at Dallas, Colorado State University, Cal Tech, the University of Massachusetts and the University of Maryland will allow participation by people at those institutions.

The seminars this spring will meet on Wednesdays at 11:30 AM in the Pom/Flora conference room. The room is available until 1:00 PM which allows time for a one hour talk and some discussion.
date Topic Speaker
March 15 Muon Lifetime Calculation Ben Brau (MIT)
March 22 Tau, Charm, and B-Meson Lifetimes Ken Baird (University of Massachusets) 
March 29 The Trigger and the DAQ Mandeep Gill (LBNL/UC Berkeley)
April 19 B0-B0bar Mixing (pdf) Alex Olivas (University of Colorado)
April 26 CP Violation in the Kaon System (pdf) (ps) Justin Albert (Princeton University)
June 21  The CKM Matrix Elements and Their Determination (pdf) (ps) - Extra slides Phil Strother (LBNL)
June 28  Form factors in Exclusive D*lnu decay Mandeep Gill (LBNL/UC Berkeley)

 last modified  March 19, 2000