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Hints for using MS Word and PowerPoint files on SLAC Unix

There are few reliable options available for reading and editing MS Word and PowerPoint files on unix machines. However, here we list a few possibilities for Solaris and Linux at SLAC, in case you want to make the attempt. User experience has been somewhat problematic; they work fine in some cases, poorly in others. Good luck!

StarOffice (Sun and Linux)

StarOffice has been installed at SLAC and may be accessed from Sun and Linux boxes. Setup instructions are in /afs/slac/package/staroffice/README. There is no documentation on the SLAC web, but there is built-in help. There is also a SLAC email list, staroffice-l, for exchange of tips and help by users. You can subscribe to this list by sending a one-line email containing the text subscribe staroffice-l in the message body to John Bartelt is the contact person.

Windows Terminal Service (available for Unix, Mac, and other platforms)

This alternative uses the Windows Terminal Service farm, which gives you access to a multi-user NT server from Unix, Mac, and other platforms (including other windows platforms). More information and the signup form are at Citrix at SLAC.

AbiWord (Linux only)

A third alternative is AbiWord, which has been installed on the norics (Linux) at SLAC. It is supposed to be able to read and display MS Word files. However, there is a font problem which occurs if your display machine is not a linux box as well. You can find it on the norics in /usr/bin/AbiWord. More information is available from the AbiSource Project.

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