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How to Label Your BaBar Analysis Document

What should be labeled?

All BaBar Analysis Documents, except for final drafts intended for publication or public distribution, should be labeled with their assigned BaBar Analysis Document number and version number.

  1. This information should go on the top-left corner of the title page. It should be specified as:

    BaBar Analysis Document #000, Version 00

    where you replace the numbers with those assigned to your paper.

  2. The BAD numbers are for internal BaBar use only as an aid in tracking analysis-related documents while in production. Therefore the BAD numbers should be removed from the final, public version of a document that will be distributed outside the collaboration, whether as a publication, an e-print, or anything else. This should be done before uploading the final PostScript or PDF code into the documents system.

  3. The BAD numbers are not usable as a means to reference published or publicly-distributed documents. For example, they will not be searchable as report numbers in SPIRES. For this purpose please use the appropriate SLAC-PUB number or other report numbers that may be assigned to the final, public version of the document.

How do I label my document?

  1. Documents written using LaTeX styles (including RevTeX) should include the Publication Board's symbol file, babarsym.tex. To obtain a copy, do
    cvs co pubboard
    See B.A.D. #42, "A Guide to Writing BaBar Publications", for more information.

  2. For LaTeX article and report styles, either in standard LaTeX2e or in the older 2.09 compatibility mode:

  3. For RevTeX:

    Specify your usual set of options in the \documentstyle command and, if you do not already use it, add the preprint option too:

    Set your title, author, date, etc., as desired. Then, after the \begin{document} command, add the \preprint command as shown here:
    \title{The Title Goes Here}
    \author{{\babar\ }Collaboration}
    \date{16 December 1999}
    \preprint{\hbox to\hsize{{\babar\ }Analysis Document \#000, Version 00\hfil}}
    If the document also has report numbers to include, these usually go in the upper-right corner of the title page. They can be specified in the same preprint command:
    \preprint{\hbox to\hsize{BaBar Analysis Document \#000, Version 00\hfil

    The remainder of the document should follow as usual.

If you use a formatter or method other than those illustrated here, and would like instructions for it added to this page, please contact Ray Cowan (see below for e-mail).

Please send comments, updates, and problems to:

Ray F. Cowan

Last modified: Thu Mar 13 11:48:25 PST 2003