BaBar ICHEP2004 Talks and Contributed Papers

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BaBar Contributed Papers [Preliminary Versions]
Abstract #
BaBar Pub # Title File(s) (from latest revision) Date Comments
11-0918 16-AUG-2004 11:43 CONF-04/042
B0 -> K+ pi- pi0 Dalitz Plot Analysis 11-0918_abstract.tex 16-AUG-2004 12:40 Abstract 17-AUG-2004 11:30 The conference paper for ICHEP2004 uploaded to ICHEP (rnc) friendly to be converted into a pdf
11-0918_fig01.eps 16-AUG-2004 12:40 Dalitz plot
11-0918_fig02a.eps 16-AUG-2004 12:40 m_ES projection
11-0918_fig02b.eps 16-AUG-2004 12:40 deltaE projection
11-0918_fig03a.eps 16-AUG-2004 12:40 m(k+pi-) projection
11-0918_fig03b.eps 16-AUG-2004 12:40 m(K+pi0) projection
11-0918_fig03c.eps 16-AUG-2004 12:40 m(pi-pi0) projection
11-0918_babar-conf-0442.pdf 17-AUG-2004 11:30 A pdf version made on noric following the recipe dvips -Ppdf -t letter ... and then ps2pdf. It still seems big

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