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8-0934 16-AUG-2004 09:15 CONF-04/025
Measurement of CP Asymmetry in B0-->K+K-K0(S) Decays 8-0934_mES_run1+2+3+4_proj_lkCut.eps 19-AUG-2004 11:04 Figure 1a: mES projection plot.
8-0934_deltaE_run1+2+3+4_proj_lkCut.eps 19-AUG-2004 11:04 Figure 1b: DeltaE projection plot.
8-0934_SPfeven_mKK.eps 19-AUG-2004 11:04 Figure 2: S-, P-wave amplitudes and CP-even fraction as a function of K+K- inv. mass.
8-0934_deltat_run1+2+3+4_proj_lkCut.eps 19-AUG-2004 11:04 Figure 3a,3b: Deltat distribution for B0 abd B0bar tags. Figure 3c: Raw asymmetry for B0, B0bar tags.
8-0934_P0-P2_mKK.eps 19-AUG-2004 11:04 Figure 4(upper): Distribution of raw moments <P0>... <P2>.
8-0934_P3-P6_mKK.eps 19-AUG-2004 11:04 Figure 4(lower): Distribution of raw moments <P3>...<P6>. 19-AUG-2004 11:04 Conference paper submitted to ICHEP2004.
8-0934_BABAR-CONF-04025.pdf 19-AUG-2004 11:04 Paper submitted to ICHEP2004. (rnc)
8-0934_Abstract.txt 19-AUG-2004 11:04  

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