BaBar ICHEP2004 Talks and Contributed Papers

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BaBar Contributed Papers [Preliminary Versions]
Abstract #
BaBar Pub # Title File(s) (from latest revision) Date Comments
11-0961 12-AUG-2004 09:06 CONF-04/005
A Search for the Rare Decays B0 -> Ds+ rho- 12-AUG-2004 10:33 Final version submitted to hep-ex/0408029
11-0961_babar-conf-0405.pdf 12-AUG-2004 10:33 Submitted to ICHEP04 (JRF)
11-0961_fig1.eps 12-AUG-2004 10:33 Feynman diagrams for B0->Ds+rho-, and related decays B0->D+rho- and B0->D-rho+
11-0961_fig4.eps 12-AUG-2004 10:33 mES-Delta E plot for data
11-0961_fig5a.eps 12-AUG-2004 10:33 fit to mES distribution
11-0961_fig5b.eps 12-AUG-2004 10:33 fit to Delta E distribution
11-0961_fig6.eps 12-AUG-2004 10:33 BR likelihood with upper limit

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