BaBar ICHEP2004 Talks and Contributed Papers

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BaBar Contributed Papers [Preliminary Versions]
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BaBar Pub # Title File(s) (from latest revision) Date Comments
8-0967 13-AUG-2004 13:42 CONF-04/003
Determination of Vub in inclusive semileptonic B decays 8-0967_conf_paper.pdf 13-AUG-2004 14:57 |Vub| determination based on measuring both q2 and Ee in semileptonic decays Submitted to ICHEP04 (JRF) 14-AUG-2004 04:06 This plot is awaiting RC/pubboard approval. It shows the background-subtracted shmax distribution. It allows this analysis to be shown in parallel with the endpoint analysis at ICHEP.

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