BaBar ICHEP2004 Talks and Contributed Papers

File information for latest revision of TALK-04/117

BaBar Parallel Session Talks [Preliminary Versions]
BaBar Pub # Title File(s) (from latest revision) Date Comments Speaker
TALK-04/117 Determination of |Vcb| , heavy quark parameters, branching fractions, and form factors from inclusive and exclusive B->Xc l nu decays 7853_ICHEP04.pdf 24-AUG-2004 10:15 Final Version Luth, Vera
7854_ICHEP04.ppt 24-AUG-2004 10:15 12-NOV-2004 19:12  
8520_fig01.eps 12-NOV-2004 19:14 Fits to hadron mass and leptton energy moments
8521_fig02.eps 12-NOV-2004 19:15 Differential distributions for B --> D* l nu
8522_fig03.eps 12-NOV-2004 19:16 dG/dw distribution for B--> D* l nu decays, with fit to derive FF slope

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