BaBar ICHEP2004 Talks and Contributed Papers

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BaBar Contributed Papers [Preliminary Versions]
Abstract #
BaBar Pub # Title File(s) (from latest revision) Date Comments
8-0976 17-AUG-2004 13:44 PUB-04/016
Measurement of Time-dependent CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0->K*gamma, K*-> Kspi0 Decays 19-AUG-2004 12:50 Journal paper uploaded pdf version to ICHEP (rnc)
8-0976_fig01.eps 19-AUG-2004 12:50 K* mass projection plot
8-0976_fig02.eps 19-AUG-2004 12:50 mES projection
8-0976_fig03.esp 19-AUG-2004 12:50 time asymmetry projection
8-0976_abstract.tex 19-AUG-2004 12:50 abstract

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