Vub/SF Workshop

Using inclusive semileptonic and radiative B decays to explore HQE and SF relations and extract |Vub|


Friday, December 10 and
Saturday, December 11, 2004


There have been a series (2001, 2002, 2003) of workshops hosted by BaBar in the area of semileptonic and radiative B decays.  These workshops have proved to be a valuable venue for the exchange of ideas between the theoretical and experimental communities.  We fully expect this trend to continue in this year's workshop.

This  workshop will focus on inclusive semileptonic decays, the b->sg spectrum and the related theoretical tools, namely the HQE and shape function.  The intent is to have an informal meeting focusing on physics issues, primarily the interpretation of current and future measurements of inclusive semileptonic and radiative decays, and associated theoretical uncertainties.

Talks will be posted to the BaBar internal web. While theoretical talks will be publicly available, the experimental talks (with not-yet preliminary results) will be restricted to BABAR members only.


The workshop is scheduled for December 10-11, 2004 and will start on Friday afternoon.  There will be a small number of overview talks on the relevant experimental and theoretical areas, and ample time for discussion.

The agenda with links to the presentations is available.


There is a $15 registration fee to be paid by cash
at the workshop to cover lunch and breaks

This workshop is intended primarily for members of the Semileptonic and Radiative Penguin Analysis Working Groups, and for theorists working on closely related topics.

Please go to register to register for this workshop.  To see who is already registered click here.

Other Information:

A "reading list" of recent papers relevant to this workshop can be found here.

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