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A workshop on semileptonic and radiative B decays

Friday-Saturday, December 12-13, 2003


Like in the last two years (2001, 2002) , this workshop is intended to bring theorists and BABAR experimentalists together for an appraisal of the theoretical and experimental uncertainties and prospects related to measurements of semileptonic and radiative rare B decays. The intent is to have an informal meeting focusing on physics issues, primarily the interpretation of current and future measurements and theoretical uncertainties. Specifically, we are interested in b --> c, b -->u and b-->s measurements, OPE and moments analyses, lattice calculations, form factors, etc. What are the most interesting quantities to measure? what can we measure, and how well? what additional information do we need? can we learn from the various processes?

Talks will be posted to the BaBar internal web. While theoretical talks will be publicly available, the experimental talks (with not-yet preliminary results) will be restricted to BABAR members only.


The workshop is scheduled for December 12-13, 2003 and will start on Friday afternoon. There are six sessions: the first session will be reserved to introductory presentations, while there will be five discussion sessions, each with a well defined topic, list of questions to be addressed, possibly some reference papers, and two discussion leaders presenting the issues, and guiding the discussion.

The agenda with links to the presentations is available in two versions: public and BABAR internal.

A postscript versions of the agenda is available here .


This workshop is intended primarily for members of the Semileptonic and Radiative Penguin Analysis Working Groups, and for theorists working on closely related topics.

Registration is closed. Please email Vera Luth if you would like to register for this workshop.

Other Information:

  • When: December 12 (beginning 2pm) -13 (ending 6pm), 2003
  • Where: SLAC, Redwood Room C+D, ROB
  • Contact: Christian Bauer, Jeffrey Berryhill, Daniele del Re, Giuseppe Della Ricca, Vera Luth
  • Accomodations: SLAC Guest House or Hotels near SLAC from the SLAC page.
  • Meals: We will provide refreshments during the breaks and a continental breakfast and a light lunch on Saturday.
  • Contributions: In order to link contributions to the agenda and make them available on the web, participants are asked to provide a .pdf or .ps file on the evening before the session by either:
    1. Sending the file via e-mail attachment to one of the organizers,
    2. Sending a URL for the file to one of the organizers, or
    3. Copying the file on a USB memory stick and hand it to one of the organizers.

    Invited introductory talks will be presented via computer projection. For short contributions to the discussion sessions (no more than three pages), speakers are encouraged to also print the transparencies on plastic and use an overhead projector so as to avoid delays due to frequent laptop set-up. All hand-written transparencies will be scanned.

An incomplete list of recent papers on semileptonic physics can be found on this page.

Last modified: Nov. 26, 2003 by Daniele del Re