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Beam Size Workshop

Monday, October 20th
Redwood Room C+D, ROB building

Call-in number: 510-665-5437
Meeting ID #: 3296

7:45 - 8:30: Bagels, coffee, juice, and donuts

Session I: Introduction and goals
Time: 8:30-10:00
Time Speaker Title
10'  J. Seeman  Introduction  [ppt] [html]
10'  U. Wienands   PEP-II plans regarding beam size   [ppt] [html]
20'  W. Kozanecki  Use of beam size info in machine studies  [ppt] [pdf]
20'  A. Fisher  Performance + limitations of existing SR monitors  [pdf]
20'  D. Dujmic  Gated camera status  [pdf]

Coffee Break, 30'
Session II: Track-based beam size monitoring
Time: 10:30-12:00
Time Speaker Title
25'  M. Baak  Overview of track-based beam size monitoring  [pdf] [ppt]
(+ Search for the dynamic-beta effect  + Beam motion at the IP )
10'  G. Dubois-Felsmann  Online Event Processing framework for track-based beam size mon.  [pdf] [ps]
10'  R. Bartoldus  L3 trigger interface for track-based beam size mon.  [pdf]
10'  G. Schott  Beta*/eps analysis using mu pairs  [pdf for windows] [open office]

Session III: SR beam size measurement
Time: 1:00-3:00
Time Speaker Title
20'  J. Albert  Overview/status of the SR beam size monitor project  [ppt] [html]
20'  M. Ross  Port and x-ray beamline construction  [ppt] [html]
15'  H. deStaebler  Magnetic field issues / pinhole camera  [pdf]
15'  J. Kadyk  Pinhole optics / detector issues  [pdf] [doc]
15'  C. Limborg   SR spot size monitoring / SSRL perspective  [ppt] [html]
5'  M. Ross  Conclusion  [pdf] [ps]

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