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What Federations are Locked?

Public analysis federations can be locked for maintenance, such as data sweep, data moving from one host to another, conditions upgrade, or other reasons. Refer to the Outage Schedule to check regular hours during which you may find a federation is locked. Sometimes there is a need for an emergency outage, in which case a warning message is usually posted to CompEnv HyperNews.

To check whether a federation is locked, run oocleanup. If it is locked, the output will be something like:

ootools: Federation is locked. No operations allowed.

A federation may be locked while your job is running. In this case it will pause in between transactions and issue message such as:

INHIBIT: One or more federations are inhibited...
INHIBIT: The first inhibit was found on the following federation.

You will find the status of locked federations in:

Only locked federations will appear there. All other federations are not locked.

If the federation has boot script, such as analboot2, you'll see a file named analboot2.locked. If the federation doesn't have a boot script, it will be listed by fdid. For a locked federation the output will look something like:

196.locked 05-Oct-2001 16:56 1k

This means the federation with FDID 196 was locked at 16:56 on October 5. The file content shows the reason for locking and the estimated duration of the outage:

Reason: conditions upgrade
Duration: till 5:25pm


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