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Reporting a Problem

If you believe you have a database-related problem and you cannot find the answer on this site, please post a message to BdbSOS HyperNews.

By the way, another database related HyperNews exist: OO Database Hypernews. It's used for database related announcements and discussions.

Using BdbSOS HyperNews is the fastest way to get a prompt response from a database expert familiar with the problem. Please, try not to overflow our small group with unrelated e-mails. If you are unsure whether the error is database related, please seek advice on Preliminary Bugs HyperNews first.

Send a message to BdbSOS, OO Databases, PrelimBugs.

Go to BdbSOS, OO Databases, PrelimBugs.

Note: Due to the increasing growth of the database system (in size, complexity and number of users), we strongly encourage all users to use HyperNews, instead of directly calling database administrators. We expect that reporting an error by phone will occur only for the most urgent problems related to a production system, or for serious problems affecting many users.

The most common errors and problems are collected on this site. We have already gone through a challenging task of compiling all the existing threads on BaBar HyperNews and building a searchable list of common errors. We will do our best to keep it up to date, and insert new problems immediately as they arise. Please do search the system before you report an error. The fewer interruptions we get, the more time we can devote to making the system more robust and reliable.

Under no circumstances directly contact Objectivity Support. All support for BaBar has to go through us (the BaBar Database Group).

If you have comments about how to improve the communication among a growing number of users and the database group, we want to hear from you. Comments


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