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Outage Schedule

Outage is the time period when a particular federation is not accessible to users, for either reading data or writing. You know there is an outage if your job is stalled and you get a message that the federation is locked or inhibited.

The following time periods are used for regular database management:

physboot, simuboot and other public analysis federations:
Monday/Tuesday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

This outage schedule doesn't mean that analysis federations will be locked for the entire period of time. It means you should expect those federation to be locked during this time without any other notice in HyperNews.

Every day 06:15 am (duration ~30mins) - upgrade with the latest IR2 cond, cfg and ambient data.
Monday 10:15am (duration ~45mins) - upgrade with the latest MASTER cdb snapshot

No outage/sweeps.

Every day 17:30 (duration ~45-90mins) - upgrade with the latest MASTER cdb, config snapshot

Monday 22:30 (duration ~1-2hours) - new full snapshot from MASTER federation taken and put on objyserv03.
The full snapshot is located at: /nfs/objyserv03/objy/databases/snapshots/master/full/current

IR2-snapshot for PC1
Every hour, 15 mins pass the hour. Incremental snapshot of IR2 that is transfered to PC1, but not loaded. Loading happens only if PC1 needs a new snapshot. Currently the snapshot has to be four hours older than the currently processed run in PC1.

[sp5 snapshot times TBD]

To check whether a federation is locked, run oocleanup. If it is locked, the output will be something like:

ootools: Federation is locked. No operations allowed.

A federation may be locked during the run time of your job. In this case it will pause and issue a message such as:

INHIBIT: One or more federations are inhibited...
INHIBIT: The first inhibit was found on the following federation.


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