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I'm getting a database related error - what happened?

Use the search box below to search a list of common errors.


If you believe you found a common error that is not here, let us know. See How to report a problem.

Here is a list of all errors.

error0001 lock conflicts when importing federation
error0002 federated database lock conflicts
error0003 lock server cannot autorecover
error0004 lock server connection timed out
error0005 same fd number used for different federations
error0006 outstanding locks when importing federation
error0007 problem creating a federation (oodeletedb not found ...)
error0008 user does not exist in federation
error0009 cannot open database file, (non-existent database in federation)
error0010 non-existent database in federation
error0011 value too large for defined type
error0013 container X not in database Y (event store)
error0014 oonewdb failed
error0015 container X not in database Y (conditions)
error0016 too many open files
error0017 pud client not found
error0018 container X not in database Y (event store)
error0019 lockserver cannot auto-recover
error0020 no more space on registered disks
error0021 storage Manager: Internal assertion failure
error0022 federated database could not be located
error0023 nested transactions
error0024 cannot open database file (nfs cannot access)
error0025 attempt to initialise non existent type number
error0026 oonewdb failed due to exclusive lock on federation
error0027 lock manager cannot connect to lock server
error0028 can not connect to Objectivity AMS server on host
error0029 lost access to boot partition
error0030 cannot grant requested lock transaction id table is full
error0031 changing readonly database to read-write
error0032 all buffers are in use


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