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Using the BaBar Database

What You Need to Know

Basic information on how Objectivity/DB works
Interactions with database during a typical analysis job
Getting started with the BaBar database browser
BaBar database environment
What are bridge collections

Status of SLAC's Production Database

Public analysis federations at SLAC
Outage schedule
What federations are locked?
Event store data management
Server assignments


Tips on understanding Objectivity-related problems

I am getting a database related error...What happened?

Reporting a problem


For Experts

Developing the BaBar Database

Bdb packages

Design documents

Source documents


Recent releases

Administering the BaBar Database

What software do I need to install?

Choosing hardware

How do I install Objectivity/DB?

Setting up: AMS, lock server, pud, clustering hint server, oid server

How do I configure placement?

Maintaining: AMS, lock server, pud, clustering hint server, oid server

How do I move a federation?

Reference materials

Objectivity/DB manuals

AMS-related manuals

FDID allocation

Selected applications


Conference proceedings


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Breakdown of Event Size
All About Read-only Databases
Objectivity/DB Releases
Ports Used by Objectivity/DB Servers
Versions and Platforms Supported by Objectivity/DB
New Features in Objectivity Release 7


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