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Jan 11, 2005: Wondering why our database is not growing any more? Read our paper writen for CIDR 2005 conference: Lessons Learned from Managing a Petabyte.

April 19, 2004: We are going to introduce a new Objectivity release in production: BaBar releases starting from 15.0.0 will be using Objectivity 8.

June 05, 2003: There are two new CHEP'03 papers available, see Conference proceedings.

Sep 27, 2002: Documentation of our software is now available. We have generated documentation for all Bdb packages using Doxygen. It is based on BaBar release 12.3.2. The documentation will be periodically updated, we are planning to regenerate it for every major development release. It can be found in Developing the Database section.

Aug 02, 2002: Expect significant reduction is event size! Event store redesign project is in progress. Our current estimates: size of largest navigational components will be reduced by 80%. In addition to reducing size, we will introduce several new interesting features. All the details, including deadlines and detailed breakdown of event size can be found in just released draft version of Event Store Redesign document. Available in pdf.

June 13, 2002: Bridge federation project is now officially released. We have finally closed all 3 phases: reading via bridge federation, writing via bridge federation, and extracting events to all-in-one collection. All the phases are supported starting from release 12.0.0. A brief summary can be found in What are Bridge Collections. Special thanks to Yemi and Simon.

May 23, 2002: Breakdown of event size is now available. See Event Size. In the near future we are going to repeat the measurement for events generated using bridge federation technology phase III.

Apr. 19, 2002: We are in the news: CNN, KRON4... make sure you do not miss it, see complete list in related press releases!

Apr. 12, 2002: We are hosting the World's Largest Database. There are several articles and press releases coming out in the next few days about that. Check related press releases for a complete list.

Feb. 20, 2002: New Objectivity/DB release: 7. For some time now a new release of Objectivity: 7.0.1 is available. All BaBar releases starting from 11.9.0 are built with it. The 10.x series will continue to use Objectivity 6.1.

For the complete list of new features in the new release see New Features in Objectivity Release 7. The list of supported platforms (relevant to BaBar) can be found in Versions and Platforms Supported by Objectivity/DB.

Next major release is expected in first or second quarter of 2003.

Feb. 12, 2002: Read an article in Information Week about our system. It is a cover story! See Tower of Power.

Feb. 10, 2002: Ever wondered what we really do or what is our manpower? Take a look at the just-added Inside Bdb Group page, where you'll find a full report on:

Jan 23, 2002: Real Time Monitoring extended to cover Simulation Production. In response to frequent requests we have added Real Time Monitoring of the Simulation Production farm at SLAC: rtmSP.

Dec 10, 2001: Welcome to a newly redesigned BaBar Database web site. Our old website will be closed in a few days, so don't forget to update your bookmarks. Special thanks for help and advice to:

Please send us your comments, we want to know what else you would like this website to cover, what information is vague or missing, whether you found it useful. Depending on your feedback we might maintain it in its current form, or add more information as needed. Just let us know!


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