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Setting up clustering hint server

What release should you use?

Scripts for maintaining the server

One available in the location described below. Only one production release is maintained.

Server binaries

At this point new releases of the clustering hint server are built about once every month. Take the most recent version. It starts with v (there might be some test releases that are newer, but the name of directory will not start with v). Here's an example format of a production release: /v<verNumber>-<releaseNumber>, example: v12-10.3.0a.

Other requirements


Where do I find installation files?

Scripts for maintaining the server


Server binaries


What do I install?

Scripts for maintaining the server and server binaries.

Installing clustering hint server

  1. Choose a directory, the only requirements:
    • at least 10 GB of disk space (for the log files)
    • disk should be NFS exported
  2. Create a directory for the server installation.
  3. Copy a file /usr/object/distrib/chs/chs_distrib.tar to that directory.
  4. Untar the file, it will create three directories: bins, logs, script (bin and logs will be initially empty, scripts will contain several perl scripts).
  5. Create a file with a name "bootfile" containing the full path to the bootfile of the federation, where you want to run chs:
    echo /nfs/objyserv2/objy/databases/bootfiles/myBootFile/BaBar.BOOT > bootfile
  6. Copy all binaries from /nfs/farm/babar/objytests/chs4Prod/<latestRelease>/bin/<OS> to bins directory.

Hint: Use the -p option to preserve modification and access time. It might help to find out later which version is used. You might also create a readme file with information about which version you copied.

See also How to maintain CHS.

Who to contact for problem resolution?

In case of problem, contact Artem Trunov or Jacek Becla.


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