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Selected Administrative Applications

Click a name for more details and/or comments when applicable. 

Note: every tool requires OO_FD_BOOT to be set.

Bdb Applications

allocateDbId (admin only) Manages allocation of database ids to keys
BdbAdminDaemon (admin only) Maintains pud daemon
BdbAuthCmd Queries and changes authorization information
BdbBrowseFullDbs Prints full databases
bdbcheckpud Checks if pud daemon is running
BdbClustHintConsole (admin only) Console to clustering hint server
BdbClustHintServer (admin only) Clustering hint server executable
BdbConvertDbIdToName Converts database id to database name
BdbCreateDbRoot (admin only) Creates root nodes
BdbDistScan Checks if collection is on disk
BdbDmnImport Loading conditions and configurations
BdbDomainBootNames Manages divested domains' bootfiles
BdbFileConfigLoader Manages ASCII file config (clustering configuration)
BdbInspector Obtains list of collections in federation
BdbIntervalUtil Browsing and mgmt commands for Cond DB
BdbManageFdOptions (admin only)  
BdbRecoverFdName (admin only)  
BdbRecoverTreeNodes (admin only)  
BdbSetupLocalDb (admin only)  
colstagein Stages collection from tape to disk
manageDbId (admin only) Manages db id allocation
oocheckdbexist Checks if database exists

Objectivity/DB Applications

ooattachdb Attaches database to federation
oochange Displays or changing federation's parameters
oochangedb Displays or changing database's parameters
oocheckls Checks if lock server is running
oocleanup Cleans locks
oodeletedb Deletes database
oodump Dumps contents of database to ASCII file
oodumpcatalog Dumps catalog
ookillls (admin only) Stops lock server
oolistwait Lists waiting transactions
oolockmon Lists locks
oolockserver (admin only) Starts lock server
ooschemadump Dumps schema
ooschemaupgrade Loads schema into federation
ooschemadump Dumps schema
ooschemaupgrade Loads schema to federation
oostartams (admin only) Starts AMS
oostopams (admin only) Stops AMS
ootidy "Compacts" database
ootoolmgr Displays contents of federation (GUI browser)


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