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May 21, 2004 Mammoth Database Wins Grand Prize, Interaction Point (SLAC's newsletter)
Mar 03, 2004 Winter Corporation's TopTen Grand Prize Winners, Winter Corporation
Oct 13, 2003 Tech Success: Energy lab grows with Objectivity technology, Washington Technology
Sep 08, 2003 Object databases store big ideas, Federal Computer Week
May 23, 2002 From Star Trek to the enterprise, Computer Weekly
May 14, 2002 Size matters in data world, The Australian
Apr 27, 2002 Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Studies the Mysteries of the Universe Using Sun[TM] Servers and 100+ TB of Sun StorEdge[TM] Arrays, Sun Microsystems
Apr 25, 2002 Mountains of Data: 500 Terabytes and Counting, Information Week
Apr 25, 2002 A firm grip, or gagging on gigabytes? Vast store of information, San Francisco Chronicle
Apr 22, 2002 Objectivity/DB Shatters the 500 Terabyte Barrier at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Objectivity Inc.
Apr 18, 2002 Stanford has World's Largest Database, KRON 4 News
Apr 18, 2002 Stanford claims world's largest database, Business Journal
Apr 17, 2002 Stanford researchers may have world's largest database, Computerworld, reprinted in CNN, Linux World, IDGNow (in Spanish)
Apr 17, 2002 500,000 gigabytes and growing: SLAC houses world's largest database, Stanford Report
Apr 13, 2002 University database breaks world record, San Jose Mercury News
Apr 12, 2002 World's Largest Database reaches 500,000 Gigabytes, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, reprinted in SuperComputing Online and ACCESS - Asia's Newspaper
Feb 11, 2002 Tower of Power, Information Week, reprinted in Info Express
Nov 06, 2000 Objectivity/DB Breaks 150 Terabytes Barrier at SLAC, Objectivity Inc.


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