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How do I install Objectivity/DB?

What release should you use?

At SLAC, we support several Objectivity releases (for compatibility with older releases), usually not more than two. See Objectivity releases to learn what release(s) you need.

Other requirements

See Versions and platforms supported by Objectivity.

The distribution of Objectivity is controlled using AFS and the group access control mechanism. See How do I start using Objectivity in BaBar?, if you do not have access to Objectivity yet.

Where do I find installation files?


The AFS group name of this directory is g-babar:com-obj

If you do not have an AFS account and would like one, see the "New users" link from the BaBar Detector Home page.

What do I install?

The following options should be installed:

Installing procedure

IMPORTANT: because this is licensed software, please install Objy in a secure place. There is no copy protection or license server. Ideally, you should install into an AFS area with proper ACL's for all approved Objy users at your site. Approved means they have signed the license agreement.

If the install machine has AFS, you can install directly from the SLAC distribution directories.

There is a script installed with releases called bbrObjyInstall, which should do these steps for you, including the server setup. You should still read the note at the end about running with multiple versions of Sun Workshop.

  1. Create the install directory. The software installation can be done as any user.
  2. klog as yourself into the SLAC cell. Example: klog -cell -principal <unix user name>
  3. cd to /afs/slac/g/babar/package/objy<version>/Objectivity_admin/Objectivity_src/<arch>
    where <arch> is
    • alphaosf1 for Digital Unix 4.x
    • linux86 for GNU/Linux on i386
    • solaris4 for Solaris2.6
    • solaris7 for Solaris7
  4. Run the install.csh script. You should install the options as described above. You might refer to Objectivity Installation Guide.
  5. Follow the directions of the installation script. We suggest taking the default preprocessor defines. However, you should compare to the ones used at SLAC (view the file /afs/<version>/<arch>/bin/ooddlx) If different, there may be problems. The differences are most likely due to different compiler and/or OS versions.
  6. Copy file /afs/slac/g/babar/package/objy/oolicense.runtime.txt to the install directory.
  7. License all production federations at your site. See How do I deal with oolicense manager?

Note: the last two steps are new (starting from Objectivity 8.0)

If you don't have AFS, skip step 2 and ftp all files from the directory specified in 3 to your local disk and resume at (4).

Who to contact for problem resolution?

If you have problems, please contact Jacek Becla or Yemi Adesanya.


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