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Choosing hardware

You hardware choice depends on the number of simultaneous clients the systems need to support. It also depends on the type of jobs / type of access (read only? many updates?).

Number and type of servers

Small system (up to 10 simultaneous jobs):

Medium size system (10-50 simultaneous jobs):

Large systems (over 50 simultaneous jobs):

Very large systems (over 200 simultaneous jobs):

If you decide to put databases on more than one data server, you would need to setup placement, see Configuring placement.


At SLAC, we attach two large volumes (500-800 GB) to each 4-CPU data server. Maximizing the throughput usually requires monitoring the system and adjusting the configuration, depending on a bottleneck.


Here is an example of a real working configuration:

This configuration is able to serve 220 clients (a client = 1 CPU Sun Netra T1, 440 MHz).


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