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Bdb packages

Complete list of BaBar packages managed by database group. Click on a name to see README file.

AbsEventTag, BdbAccess, BdbAdminScripts, BdbAdminTools, BdbAmbient, BdbAmbientTests, BdbApplication, BdbApplMgmt, BdbBitMap, BdbClustering, BdbClusteringServer, BdbColldb, BdbCond, BdbCondAdmin, BdbCondLoaders, BdbCondRemote, BdbCondTests, BdbConfig, BdbConfigAlias, BdbConfigAliasTree, BdbConfigTests, BdbConverters, BdbDataDist, BdbDistribution, BdbDistTools, BdbDomainMgmt, BdbDomainOODB, BdbEvent, BdbEventFrame, BdbEventStore, BdbEventTests, BdbEvsLoaders, BdbGridFile, BdbIndexing, BdbLicence, BdbModules, BdbModulesTests, BdbMutual, BdbObjyConfig, BdbObjyMgmt, BdbOpsQA, BdbOpsUtils, BdbPrivate, BdbProbs, BdbPud, BdbSchema, BdbSTL, BdbScribeTest, BdbScribes, BdbSequences, BdbTag, BdbTclParm, BdbTclParmP, BdbTime, BdbTools, BdbTransfer, BdbTrees, BdbUtil, CalRevisions, CdbAdmin, CdbBase, CdbBdb, CdbShared, CdbBdbTests, CdbBdbWrapper, CdbTools, HepODBMS, TagData, TagDataP, TagModules

Bdb* packages that are now obsolete: BdbAMSMonitor, BdbLockCleaner BdbTagFilterInput, RD45

Bdb* packages that are not managed by the bdb group: BdbBrowser, BdbCondModules, BdbCopyJob, BdbConfigAlias, BdbConfigLoaders, BdbConfigModules, BdbConfigOdf, BdbConfigProxy, BdbConfigTransient, BdbDhpBrowser, BdbSequences, BdbTCProxy, BdbTCServer, BdbConfigBrowser.

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