LISTSERV Guidelines and differences w.r.t. BFMAIL

BFMAIL distribution has been replaced with a newer technology called Listserv which is better at handling email from the various mail clients in use today.

Listserv replaces BFMAIL only as a way to handle mailing lists, distribute and archive messages. It is not intended as a replacement of our BFMAIL codes which are also used in our database to indicate the membership of each active BaBarian.
The Listserv lists distributing messages to the community (members, speaker's bureau, pubboard, etc, ...) are in fact automatically populated using the BFMAIL codes stored in the Meetings database.
It is possible to add members to the list through the web interface and listserv will store and use these additions from a temporary table in its own space. Any messages to the list will include these new members until the cronjob runs again. When the cronjob runs it will only use the members listed in the database; the temporary table is wiped clean. To make these additions permanent you must add the new members to the Meetings database. For more information please contact Nitssia Harrison .

The list of BFMAIL lists migrated to Listserv is here. This list was based on usage within the last 3 years, starting from year 2012.
All the BFMAIL codes are stored in the BaBar database, if a distribution list needs to be migrated to Listserv it can be done any time by requesting a new Listserv list (see below).

Below is a table of commonly used commands that you send as email to Listserv. We will use  "blatz"  as the example code and as the subscriber's email address. When sending out a message make sure the sender email address matches the subscribed email address. For example, can send to blatz but cannot because is not subcribed to blatz.

Task Comments
Post a message to blatz
distribution: blatz In Listserv, send mail as you normally would except you send to the listname <mailcode> In BFmail use special keywords in the body of the message.
Subscribe to a list
subscribe blatz subscribe blatz Charlotte Hee
subscribe blatz
Listserv automatically associates the sender's email address with the Listserv name when the person's name is not specified. In the second example, will be the email address used.
Unsubscribe from a list
unsubscribe blatz signoff blatz Users can unsubscribe themselves from a list but only list owners can unsubscribe any member
Bulk unsubscribe from a list
  quiet delete blatz *@* List owners can unsubscribe whole lists of members with one command
Get online help help help Returns the online user guide
Get a list of all listnames list lists Returns the names of all the lists
Get the members of a list who blatz review blatz [ noheader ] noheader prevents listserv from sending back the email headers and just sends the list of members

For detailed information about Listserv refer to the links below:

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