Babar social event Oct. 30, 200910302009
10E36 Study Core Group and Conveners10E36STUDY
Babar Social Event Nov. 04, 200911042009
Detector Two-Gamma Physics2GAM
Accelerator Mailing ListACMAIL
Accelerator Department distribution list.AD
BaBar Aerogel SystemAEROGEL
PEP-II All Hands List for SLAC people.ALHD-SLAC
All Physics Workshops Interest groupALLPHYS
PEP-II Machine People All Hands ListALL_HANDS
Accelerator Physics DistributionAP
Accelerator Physics MeetingAPMTG
PEP-II AP Note Distribution List.AP_NOTE
BaBar ASLUND Interest GroupASLUND
Augmented Technical BoardATB
ATC ElectronicsATC-ELEC
ATC Institute RepresentativesATC-INST
SLAC telecommunications ATOM list.ATOM
People to be informed of Spokesperson's Absence from SLACAWAY
Analysis Working Group ConvenorsAWG
B Factory Detector Parent GroupB-FACT DET
BaBar Detector Collaboration - USABABAR-USA
List of administrators receiving change personnel requests for BABAR.BABARDBCR
BABAR Status distribution list.BABARSTAT
BaBar/EFD/IR2 Email ListBABAR_IR2
BaBar R&D CommitteeBABAR_R&D
Babar Detector BackgroundsBACKGROUND
July 2002 BaBar BarbecueBARJUL02
June 2001 BaBar Collaboration BarbecueBARJUN01
May 2004 BaBar Collaboration BarbecueBARMAY04
Beam Abort Reduction Task ForceBARTF
Babar Physics Analysis SchoolBAS08
Babar Physics Analysis School 2009BAS09
Babar Physics Analysis School Jan 2011BAS2011
MC frameworkBBG
List of Windows NT users in BABAR Domain.BBR-DOMAIN
BABAR Operations distribution list.BBR-OPS
BABAR Physicists at US UniversitiesBBR-USUNIV
BABAR AdministratorsBBRADMIN
BaBar Dedication CommitteeBBRDED
BaBar Liaison Shift TakersBBRLIAISON
BABAR Management TeamBBRMAN
BaBar Physics Chair CommitteeBBRPHYSCH
System Administrators at BaBar Collaborating InstitutionsBBRSYSADMN
BaBar Administrative ContactsBBR_ADMIN
Babar Physics Consortium GroupBBR_BPC
BaBar CommunityBBR_CMMNTY
Babar SocialBBR_EVENTS
BaBar Graduate StudentsBBR_GRAD
Babar HonoraryBBR_HON
Babar LegacyBBR_LEG
BaBar Lehman Review, Jan. 28-30, 1997BBR_LEHMAN
BaBar Collaboration MembersBBR_MEMBER
Babar publicBBR_PUBLIC
System Safety Working Group for BaBarBBR_SAFETY
BaBar members whose home institution is SLACBBR_SLAC
Admin of BaBar members whose home institution is SLACBBR_SLACII
Babar societyBBR_SOC
BaBar Speakers BureauBBR_SPEAK
Babar help/consult line. Help users get started with babar softwareBBR_SW_HLP
BABAR Volley Ball ParticipantsBBR_VOLLEY
Beam Size MeasurementBEAMSIZE
Background Commissioning distribution list..BKGCOMMISH
Beam line, beam pipe, support tubeBPIP
Background Remediation ContactsBRCONT
Exclusive b to d gamma Radiative Penguin GroupBRG
Background Remediation GroupBRGROUP
Background Remediation Steering CommitteeBRSC
Fully Inclusive Radiative Penguin GroupBSG
Budgeteers listBUDGET
SLAC Buildings Database distribution list.BUILDINGS
B Factory Legacy WorkshopB_LEGACYWS
BaBar C++ ClassC++CLASS
Detector Calorimeter GroupCAL
BABAR Calorimeter Simulation distribution list.CAL-SIM
BABAR Calorimeter Software distribution list. CAL-SOFT
BaBar Calorimeter test beamCAL-TEST
Calorimeter Steering CommitteeCALSTEER
BABAR PI's at Canadian InstitutionsCANADA_PI
Meeting for PEP-II Coupled-Bunch Feedback.CBFEEDBACK
Detector Collaboration Council - USA MembersCC-USA
PEP-II Change Control Board MeetingCCB
Babar computing coordinator searchCCCORD07
Computing Coordination GroupCCGRP
BaBar Collaboration Council Chairman CCHAIR
Computing Coordinator Search Committee 01CCSC01
Computing Coordinator Search Committee 2002CCSC02
July 2002 Barbecue - ChildrenCHIJUL02
E-mail addresses of China BaBar collaboratorsCHINAEMAIL
CKM Angles physics and planningCKM2003
Users of Clear Access programCL/ACCESS
Archive of messages about changes to the CLHEP libraries. CLHEP
PEP-II Collective Effects Group.COLLECT
PEP-II IR Group Collimators MeetingCOLLIMATOR
BABAR Software Architecture distribution list.COMP-ARCH
Computing GodfathersCOMP-GF
BABAR Computing Tools distribution list.COMP-TOOLS
Computing operations PI list.COMPPI
General Detector Computing GroupCOMPUTING
BABAR Commisioning CabinetCOM_CABIN
Council News Mailing ListCONC_NEWS
BABAR Confined SpaceCONFSP
PEP-II Controls MeetingCONTROLS
PEP-II and BaBar ES&H/QA Corrective Action Plan personnel list.CORR-ACT
BaBar Council ChairCOUNCHAIR
Collaboration Council MembershipCOUNCIL
BaBar Collaboration Council Vice-Chairman CVCHAIR
BABAR CVS code repository-distribution & archiving announcements.CVSNEWS
Special Computing System GroupCX
Dalitz Workshop 2008DALITZ08
Detector Data AcquisitionDAQ
BABAR Data Aquisition group list for detail discussions.DAQDETAIL
Database GroupDB
Test listDB-PARAM
Drift Chamber Stringin PersonnelDCH_STRING
Doc, Communication, Info Task Force mailing list.DCITF
Drift Chamber Softwares DiscussionDCSOFTNEWS
PEP-II CAD Design Group and associated personnelDESIGN
Detector PeopleDET
April 2001 BaBar Collaboration MeetingDETAPR01
BaBar Collaboration Meeting - April 17-20, 1996.DETAPR96
Detector Controls for BaBarDETCON
December BABAR Collaboration MeetingDETDEC00
December BABAR Collaboration MeetingDETDEC01
BABAR December 2002 Collaboration MeetingDETDEC02
December 2003 BaBar Collaboration MeetingDETDEC03
Babar Dec. 04 Collaboration Meeting DETDEC04
Babar December Collaboration MeetingDETDEC05
Babar Collaboration Meeting, Dec. 06DETDEC06
December 2007 BaBar Collaboration MtgDETDEC07
December 2000 Collaboration DinnerDETDECDIN
Detector Colloboration Meeting February 1994 SLACDETFEB
BABAR Collaboration Meeting Feb. 2000DETFEB00
February 2001 BABAR Collaboration MeetingDETFEB01
February 2002 BABAR Collaboration MeetingDETFEB02
BABAR February 2003 Collaboration MeetingDETFEB03
February 2004 BaBar Collaboration Participant ListDETFEB04
February 2005 BaBar collaboration meetingDETFEB05
Feb. 06 Babar collaboration meetingDETFEB06
Babar Collaboratioin Meeting Feb. 2007DETFEB07
Babar February Collaboration Meeting 2008DETFEB08
Babar Collaboration Meeting Feb. 2009DETFEB09
Feb. 2010 Babar Collaboration MeetingDETFEB2010
BABAR Detector Collaboration Meeting, Feb. 17-20, 1997DETFEB97
BABAR Collaboration Meeting Feb. 1999DETFEB99
Detector Geometry Group(not GEOM group)DETGEOM
Babar Collaboration Meeting Jan 2011DETJAN2011
Babar January 2012 Collaboration MeetingDETJAN2012
BaBar Collaboration Meeting, January 1996 at Ecole PolytechniqueDETJAN96
July Detector Meeting at LBLDETJUL
July 2000 Babar Collaboration meetingDETJUL00
July 2002 BaBar Collaboration MeetingDETJUL02
July 2003 BABAR Collaboration MeetingDETJUL03
July 2004 BaBar Collaboration MeetingDETJUL04
BABAR Collaboration MeetingDETJUL98
June 2001 BABAR Collaboration MeetingDETJUN01
Babar Collab. meeting June 2006 MontrealDETJUN06
Babar June 07 Collaboration MeetingDETJUN07
Babar Collaboration Meeting June 2010DETJUN10
BABAR Collaboration Meeting June 1999DETJUN99
Detector Mail to non-attendees to Inaug. Wkshp. Nov. 1993DETMAIL
Detector Collaboration Meeting March 1994 ParisDETMAR
BaBar Detector Collaboration Meeting, March 10-14, 1995DETMAR95
BaBar Collaboration MeetingDETMAR98
May Detector Collaboration MeetingDETMAY
May 2004 BaBar Collaboration MeetingDETMAY04
BABAR Detector Collaboration Meeting, May 12-16, 1997DETMAY97
Detector Standing MeetingsDETMEET
Babar Collaboration Meeting Nov. 09DETNOV09
Babar Collaboration Meeting Nov. 2011DETNOV2011
BaBar Detector Meeting NOV-DEC 1994DETNOV94
BABAR Detector Collaboration Meeting, November 17-20, 1997DETNOV97
October 2001 BABAR Collaboration MeetingDETOCT01
Babar Collaboration Meeting Oct08DETOCT08
BaBar Detector Collaboration Meeting - October 94 - ParisDETOCT94
BaBar Collaboration Meeting, October 20-23, 1996DETOCT96
BABAR Collaboration Meeting Oct. 1998DETOCT98
BABAR Collaboration Meeting Oct. 1999DETOCT99
September Collaboration MeetingDETSEP
September 2000 Babar Collaboration meetingDETSEP00
Sept Babar Collab mtg DresdenDETSEP04
September Babar Collaboration MeetingDETSEP05
Babar September Collaboration MeetingDETSEP06
BaBar Collaboration Meeting, September 20 - 23, 1995DETSEP95
BABAR DIRC group public distribution list.DIRC
DPac SCommittee 2010DPACSRCH10
DPAC Search CommitteeDPAC_SRCH
Distribution list for SLAC Drawing database.DRAWING
Detector System Computing CoordinatorsDSCC
used with ecommerceECOMMGRADS
PEP-II Electrical EngineeringEE
PEP-II EE Note Distribution List.EE_NOTE
BABAR Electronics group distribution list.ELECTRONIC
Contributors to the Electronics Monthly ReportsELEX-RPT
Electromagnetic CalorimeterEMCA_1
BaBar Executive BoardEXECBOARD
Minutes of the Executive Board MeetingsEXEC_DIARY
Track and Vertex FittingFITTERS
BaBar Physics/Reconstruction/Simulation ForumFORUM
French BaBar Principle Investigator ListFRANCE_PIL
G++Users who would like to see support for it at SLAC & BaBar improvedG++USERS
Detector GEANT GroupGEANT
Detector Geometry GroupGEOM
BABAR PI's at German InstitutionsGERMAN_PI
Technical Review CommitteeGILCHRIESE
Active GEANT developersGMATRIX
Godfathers assisting in the Preparation of the TDRGODFATHERS
test for for George Crane and Steve MeyerGRC&SRM
Group EC E-mail ListGROUPEC
Group C PhysicistsGRP_C_PHYS
PEP-II HER Commissioning distribution list.HER-COMM
PEP-II HER Straight Section distribution list.HER-STR
PEP-II HER Completion MeetingHER_COMP
Higgs/Exotic Particles Workshop 2007HIGGS_WKSP
List of people to resolve BABAR Hardware Troublecalls.HW-SOLVER
International Accelerator Database Group mailing list.IADBG
IFR Review CommitteeIFR_REVIEW
IFR Working GroupIFR_WORK
IFR Working GroupIFR_WORK
Inaugural Workshop for the Detector Collaboration Dec 1993INAUG
PEP-II Injection GroupINJ
PEP-II Injection EngineeringINJENG
INP, Novosibirsk BaBar Collaboration MembersINP_EMAIL
PEP-II Electrical Installation Coordination Meeting distribution list.INSTELCORD
PEP-II Installation Meeting Minutes distribution list.INSTSCHED
SLAC Institutional Data Committee distribution list.INST_DATA
Integration contact persons for the BaBar CollaborationINTEGRATE
PEP-II IR Commissioning Distribution ListIR-COMM
IR Engineering & Physics MeetingIR-ENG
IR Engineering & Physics Meeting for Hardcopy DistributionIR-ENG_HC
IR2 ProductionIR2PROD
BaBar IR Hall MeetingsIR_HALL
BaBar PI's at Italian institutionsITALIAN_PI
Babar Jamboree Analysis by telephoneJAMAPHONE
BaBar Physics Jamboree April 2010JAMAPR2010
PEP-II Lattice GroupLAT
LBL PEP-II Accelerator Engineering GroupLBLBF-ENG
LBL PEP-II Accelerator Physics GroupLBLBF-PHYS
PEP-II LER Commissioning MeetingLER-COMM
PEP-II LER Engineering Meeting.LER-ENG
PEP-II LER Physics Meeting.LER-PHYS
LER ARC Vacuum ChamberLER_ARC
BaBar Liaison Shift TakersLIAISON
Members of the BABAR/PEPII Liaison Shift TeamLIAISONS
Letter of IntentLOI
Long Term Planning Task ForceLONG_TERM
List for AndreaLST
BaBar LunchLUNFEB06
BaBar Collaboration Mtg Lunch signupLUNJUL04
BaBar Collaboration Mtg LunchLUNSEP05
Babar Sep. Collaboration LunchLUNSEP06
BaBar Magnet Mapping GroupMAGMAP
Mailing ListMAIL
PEP-II Mechanical EngineeringME
Meeting Coordinators for use with BABAR Meeting CalendarMEET_COORD
Membership Committee ChairMEM_CHAIR
Membership Committee ContactsMEM_COMM
PEP-II ME Note Distribution List.ME_NOTE
PEP-II Monthly Progress Report distribution list.MONTHPROG
Meeting Maker UsersMTG_MAKER
Micro TPC Ad Hoc Committee.MTPC-COM
Detector Muon GroupMUON
11/93 Wkshp. Collab. interested in Muon Sys/Magnet WorkMUON1
PEP-II Near-IR group distribution list.NEAR-IR
New additions, to be checked against Binlist Key # -- A. PachecoNEW
NLC Testing listNLC-TEST
People no longer in the BABAR CollaborationNOCODE
Nominating CommitteeNOMINCOM
SLAC--NT System Administrators, Apple Support Coordinators.NTADMINASC
Online Core Group Mailing ListONL-CORE
BaBar Online ComputingONLINE
Optional Social FunctionOPTDEC01
Optional December 2002 Social EventOPTDEC02
Optional December 2003 Social EventOPTDEC03
BaBar Wine eventOPTDEC04
Babar Social Dec05. Collab. MeetingOPTDEC05
BaBar Social Event 2006OPTDEC06
Optional February 2002 Social EventOPTFEB02
Optional February 2003 Social EventOPTFEB03
February 2004 BaBar Collaboration Wine Reception ListOPTFEB04
February 2005 BaBar Social EventOPTFEB05
Feb06 Babar collaboration socialOPTFEB06
Babar Feb. 2007 meeting Social evtOPTFEB07
Babar Collab. Mtg Social 2008OPTFEB08
Babar Social Event Feb. 2009OPTFEB09
Babar Social Feb. 2010OPTFEB2010
Babar Social EventOPTJAN2011
Babar Social January 2012OPTJAN2012
July 2003 Optional Social EventOPTJUL03
July 2004 BaBar Collaboration Meeting BBQOPTJUL04
Babar June 07 Social EventOPTJUN07
BaBar Social June 2010OPTJUN10
Babar Social Event 2011OPTNOV2011
BaBar Collaboration Meeting Oct. 08OPTOCT08
BaBar Social Sept. 2004 Collab MtgOPTSEP04
September 2005 Babar Collaboration BBQOPTSEP05
Babar Social EventOPTSEP06
BABAR Physics & Engineering Building Distribution ListP&E_BABAR
PEP-II Physics & Engineering Building Distribution ListP&E_BLDG
PEP-II and BaBar InteractionsP2BBR
PEP-II ParametersPARAM
List of approvers for the PEP-II Parameter List.PARAM-APPR
Publications Board ChairPBBD_CHAIR
Electroweak Radiative Penguin Analysis GroupPENGUIN
PEP-II Parent GroupPEP-II
PEP-II Organizational ChartPEP-II_ORG
PEP-II Rally Distribution List for SLAC PeoplePEP-RALLY
PEP-II Dedication Distribution ListPEPDED
PEP-II LBL Personnel ES&H Training Records.PEPII-LBL
PEP-II LLNL Personnel ES&H Training Records.PEPII-LLNL
PEP-II Personnel distribution list.PEPII-PERS
PEP-II Rigging Committee distribution list.PEPII-RIG
PEP-II SLAC Personnel ES&H Training Records.PEPII-SLAC
List of administrators receiving change personnel requests for PEP-II.PEPIIDBCR
PEP-II Management MeetingPEPMAN
PEP-II paper distribution list (no Macintosh e-mail enclosures).PEPPAPER
PEP-II Accelerator Commissioning Shift mailing list.PEPSHIFT
Polarized Electron SourcePES
April 2000 Physics Analysis MeetingPHYAPR00
December 1999 Physics Analysis MeetingPHYDEC99
Detector Physics StudyPHYS
BaBar Analysis Co-ordinator Search CommitteePHYSANAL
BaBar Committee to select a deputy analysis co-ordinator for ExecboardPHYSDEP
Detector Physics Theory Working GroupPHYSTH
Babar Physics Workshop 2008PHYS_WK08
Organizing group for the physics workshopsPHYS_WKSHP
Detector Particle IdentificationPID
Common PID Tools DevelopersPIDTOOLS
BaBar Principal Investigator ListPIL
PI Alternative Mailing ListPIL-ALT
Principle Investigators at U.S. InstitutionsPIL-US
Non-PIL Contacts for BaBar Notes DistributionPILBABAR
PI's at Non-US InstitutionsPI_NONUS
BaBar Package Release AnnouncementPKRNEWS
Institution Reading List 1PUBBOARD1
Institution Reading List 1aPUBBOARD1A
Institution Reading List 1bPUBBOARD1B
Institution Reading List 2PUBBOARD2
Institution Reading List 2aPUBBOARD2A
Institution Reading List 2bPUBBOARD2B
Institution Reading List 3PUBBOARD3
Institution Reading List 3aPUBBOARD3A
Institution Reading List 3bPUBBOARD3B
Institution Reading List 4PUBBOARD4
Institution Reading List 4aPUBBOARD4A
Institution Reading List 4bPUBBOARD4B
Institution Reading List 5PUBBOARD5
Institution Reading List 5aPUBBOARD5A
Institution Reading List 5bPUBBOARD5B
Institution Reading List 6PUBBOARD6
Institution Reading List 6aPUBBOARD6A
Institution Reading List 6bPUBBOARD6B
PubDB MaintenancePUBMAINT
People who are to get new file notifications from the publications database, in addition to PBBD_CHAIRPUB_FILE
Light Pulser SystemPULSER
Discussion group on organization of reconstr., analysis, & simulationRASORG
Regional Computing Representative CommitteeRCRC
Recoil method physics and planningRECOIL2003
Announcements for people working on BABAR reconstruction software.RECOSOFT
BaBar Roadmap CommitteeROADMAP
ROB Mailing ListROB
PI List for ROB Resident InstitutionssROBPI
Root workshop Feb. 2004ROOTREG04
Root workshop social Feb. 2004ROOTSOC04
Seapers Bureau Maintenance AdminsSBF_MAINT
SCS - BaBar Planning CommitteeSBPLAN
Rejected mail - second trySECONDTRY
SemiExclusive B ReconstructionSEMIEXCL
tmp lunch list babar collab sep 06SEP06LUN
tmp opt for babar collab social listSEP06OPT
tmp code for babar collab listSEP06REG
Short Term PlanningSHORT_TERM
BaBar Feb. 2003 t-shirtsSHRT2003
Simulation WorkshopSIMJUL04
US Computing Site ContactsSITE-US
BABAR site computing contact list.SITECON
SLAC Pisa Meeting Attendees - 10/94SLAC_PISA
Test code for Steve MeyerSMEYER
BaBar Collaboration Social EventSOCDEC03
BaBar Software Quality ControlSOFTQUAL
Hints & tips for users & maintainers of BABAR standard software.SOFTWRHELP
Announcements of software status changes (new versions & releases,etc)SOFTWRNEWS
Search Committee for the BaBar Spokesperson Nomination for 2010SPOKESC10
Users of Oracle SQLForms programSQLFORMS
Users of Oracle SQLNet programSQLNET
Use of Oracle Report program.SQLREPORT
Steve's TestSRMTEST
PEP-II Project Status GroupSTAT
Electronics for the Silicon Vertex TrackerSVTELEC
SVT Search Committee for Software ManagementSVTSRCH
List for April 1999 BABAR Software Week.SWAPR99
Search CommitteeSWSEARCH
PEP-II System EngineersSYS-ENG
PEP-II System Management MeetingSYSMAN
PEP-II System Managers and Engineers distribution list (Org. Chart).SYSMAN-ENG
BABAR System ManagersSYS_MAN
Task Force III Beyond 2010TASK_FORCE
CP Violation in Tau Decay Analysis GroupTAUCP
General Technical Board CommunicationTB_MAIL
BaBar Technical BoardTECHBOARD
PEP-II Tech Note Distribution List.TECH_NOTE
Temporary code for one-time e-mailingTEMP
BaBar Collaboration Meeting, September 20 - 23, 1995TEMPBADGE
Bfactory Email Testing 10/92TEST
BFMail code for testing the e-mail server.TESTBAD
Code for testing bfmailTESTVERYBA
Time of FlightTFLT
Physics Tools Groups & Validation ManagerTOOLS_CONV
Babar Tour Feb. 2009TOURFEB09
Detector Tracking GroupTRACKING
Transfers FeedbackTRANSFERS
Transverse FeedbackTRANSVERSE
BABAR Trigger Bay Area active collaboratorsTRIG-BAY
BABAR Detector Trigger SystemsTRIGGER
BaBar Collaborators at Turin - used for rejected e-mailTURINEMAIL
BABAR PI's at UK InstitutionsUK_PI
Safety User Training Requirement Task ForceUSERSAFECO
PEP-II Utility Note Distribution List.UTIL_NOTE
PEP-II Vacuum GroupVAC
PEP-II ES&H Training Records for contractors from Val Halla.VALHALLA
Detector Vertex GroupVERTEX
Desktop videoconferencing distribution list.VIDEOCONF
VXB Workshop VXB
Second Bfactory Workshop at LBL 2/91W2
Third Bfactory Workshop at CALTECH 4/91W3
Fourth Bfactory Workshop at SLAC 6/91W4
Bfactory Conference at SLAC 4/92W5
Detector Working Group CoordinatorsWGCOORD
Web Implementation GroupWIT
First Bfactory WorkshopWORK1