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The BaBar Convener Council

The Convener Council (CC) is a branch of the BaBar management composed of all Analysis Working Group (AWG) and Tools Group conveners for the experiment.  The CC meets monthly with the BaBar Physics Analysis Coordinator (PAC) and Spokesperson to:
  • review the status of ongoing analysis work
  • advise the PAC and spokesperson
  • discuss concerns common to all AWGs
The CC is consulted by the PAC and spokseperson and asked to approve (or disapprove) new initiatives from the senior management team. The CC is also encouraged to propose new initiatives to the senior management. Information discussed in CC meetings is also used for planning conference talks, collaboration meeting agendas, and publication strategy.

Internal web pages (password protected).

Current AWG Convener List

  • Charm
    • Nicola Neri
    • Bill Dunwoodie
  • Charmless B Decays
    • Alessandro Gaz
    • Mathew Graham
    • Eli Ben-Haim
  • Exclusive B Decays to Charm and Time-Dependent B and charm decays
    • Marcus Ebert
    • Chih-Hsiang Cheng
  • Leptonic/Semileptonic B and c Decays
    • Bob Kowalewski
    • Florian Bernlochner
  • Inclusive Hadronic Particle Spectra and Initial State Radiation
    • Andreas Hafner
    • Blair Ratcliff
  • Quarkonium
    • Claudia Patrignani
    • Valentina Santoro
  • Radiative Penguins
    • John Walsh
  • Tau, QED, and New Physics
    • Alberto Lusiani
    • Randy Sobie
    • Bertrand Echenard

    Last update: 7 December 2011 (Abi Soffer,