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BaBar Vesda Impairment Procedure




DRAFT 8/4/06


The Vesda smoke detection system used on BaBar is highly sensitive and may go to alert or alarm when certain types of work are done on the detector or even in or near the hall.  Therefore any smoke or dust producing work to be done in or near IR2 (bldg. 620) must be reviewed and approved prior to the work commencing. 

 The impairment of the Vesda  does not leave the detector without fire protection, what it does is to lower the sensitivity of the system, it must be remembered that if a great deal of smoke is generated the system will still alarm.

 Impairment is done by the SLAC fire techs and usually follows a standard day shift.  The system is returned to full function before the day shift ends.  This is done around  2:30 p.m.  If the smokes need to be impaired into the swing shift special arrangements have to be  made well in advance.   


  • Complete the BaBar Vesda impairment form (pdf) (doc)

  • Contact CEF Department help desk at 8901

  • State your name and location and which Vesda zone you need to have impaired, the reason and the duration of the impairment.

  • After a reasonable amount of time (half hour) confirm that the impairment has taken place and that it is the proper zone.  If it is work may now proceed.  Remember the smoke detectors will come on at 2:30 p.m. so plan work accordingly.




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